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T. Mindy Heu, LCSW LLP is the leading firm in the state of Colorado that offers training and consulting services to professionals and organizations outside the field of child welfare. Mindy has worked in child protection for over a decade, has testified in Dependency and Neglect cases as an expert witness, and has established a reputation as trusted guide to matters involving child welfare. Mindy is a well-known Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado who specializes in helping professionals navigate the field of child welfare, and Mindy's training and consulting services have helped several organizations and professionals expand their understanding of this very complicated field. The relationship between outside organizations and child protection services does not have to be adversarial. In fact, understanding the ins-and-out of the system will help you achieve your objectives. Her most powerful attributes are her extensive knowledge, her ability to provide tools and resources, her diverse network, and her hands-on clinical expertise. 



                                                                                                         "Families deserve an expert clinician."


Our Services Work Best For

Mental health clinicians, educators and schools, early childhood educators and childcare providers/centers, non-profit organizations, out-of-home care providers, healthcare professionals and organizations, and attorneys in Colorado who are representing or serving vulnerable populations. 

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Our Mission

To formulate training and strategies to facilitate and improve the outcomes of communities.

We Are Committed To: 

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Collaborative work builds communities where expertise can be fostered.

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We seek to build equitable systems for those we serve in making the world a better place.

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Create safe spaces for generative dialogue and honesty. 

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