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T. Mindy Heu

Mindy is an Asian-American Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado. Mindy is passionate about social justice and serving her clients, family, and community at large. She has over ten years of experience working with families and professionals in the field of child welfare and mental health. For the past six years she has provided independent child protection case consultations to a diverse array of professionals who have encountered the perplexing elements of the child protection system. She provides clinical expertise support from a trauma-informed and social justice lens.

Mindy’s career in child welfare (intake caseworker, permanency caseworker, and intake supervisor across four metro-Denver counties) provided her with invaluable knowledge and prepared her well for her transition into a trainer and consultant. Her knowledge, skills, and abilities have served her in working with professionals not paid through Core Services (services through the county). As a social worker, trainer, and consultant, she can provide value to your organization by sharing experiences and expertise. Working with professionals not paid through Core Services has been very rewarding because it allows Mindy to use her fair, neutral, and extensive training to help individuals and organizations navigate the child welfare system. 


Mindy is co-founder of and sits on the Board of Seeds4Hope, a women run non-profit organization set to empower individuals worldwide to see themselves as leaders by providing leadership development, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement. She currently investigates sexual, physical, and emotional abuse on a national level in the arena of sport. Mindy is fluent in Hmong. 

Education & Credentials

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

 Master of Social Work

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology

CSW. 09926487

University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

Metropolitan State University of Denver

What is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has special knowledge of social resources, human capabilities, and the role that unconscious motivation plays in determining behavior. Their goal is to enhance and maintain their client’s physical, psychological, and social functions. They apply social work principles and methods including counseling and using applied psychotherapy in a nonmedical way. 

As a trained Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mindy works through a micro, mezzo, and macro framework to promote social justice and human well-being, with particular attention to vulnerable communities. 

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