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Currently T. Mindy Heu, LCSW LLP is accepting clients for consultations. 

There is no downside to bringing a challenging matter for a clinical consultation for feedback and additional support. 

Mindy has provided consultations, recommendations, and case management services alongside organizations and professionals such as attorneys, mental health clinicians, educators, daycare providers, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement officers. Mindy established a rapport with these professionals when addressing child protection matters, prior to when a report is made through the County hotline, and pre-and-post assessment of a case. Additionally, Mindy has testified in Dependency and Neglect cases as an expert witness throughout her career in child welfare.

Road Map To Success


List the objectives for
each of your goals.

Action Plans

Develop the action plan for
each objective.


Act on the plan


Guidance from beginning to the end.

"Mindy is an expert in helping our organization work with families involved in child protection. Her professionalism and knowledge of the system help us better serve our families." 

Schedule a Consultation Session

I offer a free 10-minute phone consultation.

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